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Introductory Information

Welcome to the Thinking Approach project website! In this section, you can find out more about the purpose of this site, aims of our project and also the Thinking Approach as a method for language teaching and learning.

The Thinking Approach Project Website

This website is primarily aimed at teachers of English as a second and foreign language. The main part of the website is a database of materials for teaching English developed in the framework of the Thinking Approach project. All materials can be freely downloaded and used in the classroom.

The Thinking Approach Project

Thinking Approach (TA) to language teaching aims at an integrated development of both language and thinking skills of learners. The TA project is concerned with the development of educational technologies necessary for this kind of teaching and mechanisms of implementing these technologies with various groups of learners.

The Thinking Approach - Short and Simple

Traditionally, language teachers were responsible for teaching languages. Despite numerous differences currently used approaches have, there is one thing in common - all of them aim at the development of language skills of students. Unfortunately, this is no longer enough. The modern language teacher is responsible not only for the language competence of his or her students, but also their preparation for the future life. As well as teachers of other subjects, the language teacher is supposed to help students acquire skills necessary to live in the world we still know very little about.

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